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Journeys through Time and Space

SATURDAY JULY 15th, 14:00

Poddle Room, The Printworks, Dublin Castle

IBO Apprentices

Presenter, Jenna Raggett 

Journeys through Time & Space

Culturally, Dublin has always been shaped and influenced by those arriving here and those passing through. In Handel’s time the city was thriving musically, and some of the most notable characters were visitors or new arrivals, who left an artistic imprint in the city and shaped a legacy for future generations. 


Dublin HandelFest is a celebration of Handel’s music and the role Dublin played during his visit in 1741. Met with the charming nature of the city, Handel’s time in Dublin was a catalyst for creative rehabilitation, shaped by the people he met along the way. 


Workshop leader and former IBO Apprentice, Jenna Raggett, will be joined by the Irish Baroque Orchestra Apprentices to guide adults and children from Dublin's refugee community through a musical exploration of Handel’s journey to Dublin. Bringing to life the sounds, images and people that Handel met along the way, this interactive family workshop will recreate this journey through a soundscape, but with a modern day twist! An afternoon of story-telling, dancing and music-making in the heart of Dublin city. 

This workshop is promoted with support from the Irish Refugee Council and Ukrainian Action. 

Please note - Children attending this workshop must be in the company of a parent or guardian. 

Approx. running time: 1 hour 

Book Tickets 

Tickets for this workshop are free but must be booked in advance. Please note that this workshop is tailored specifically for refugee families. 


Ticket booking information will be published soon. 

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